Best of 2019

Top 100 moments of the year

It’s been my busiest year yet with tons of weddings all over London, Essex, Keny, Surrey and a few further afield. My cameras have put in some serious work this year with tens and thousands of images taken and edited, and my feet have done god knows how many miles.  

As you will know my focus is on real moments and real emotions, and 2019 did not disappoint as you will see from the selection of photos below. The set of images doesn’t include every single wedding I’ve shot this year, so if you’re not included in here, I am sorry, but the sheer amount of images that I have from each year makes it a mammoth task to go through every wedding story. Instead I present to you 100 wedding photos that caught my eye, it could be a spot of light, a funny narrative a beautiful moment, crazy dancing, or just kids doing what kids do…my images are not about perfecting the pose, or arranging your shoes and balancing the rings on the tip of the heel, my work is about feelings.

For the first few years of wedding photography I was all about Canon gear, but 2019 was the year I made a bold move and ditched the DSLR and switch to Fuji-film’s mirror-less systems, and OMG it’s been a game changer for me. Being able to simply see the exposure and depth of field through the LCD screen meant shots were exactly how I wanted them. No more surprises or underexposed images, meaning more moment captured and not missed! WIN WIN. 

I’m super excited for 2020, with a hanful of new venues to visit, new places to see; included a wedding in the beautiful city of Bath, and more importantly new people to meet! It’s really shaping up to be an exciting year to be a wedding photographer. My 2020 calendar is already 50% booked, so if you are reading this and you’re thinking about getting in touch, do it now! You can go ahead and have a look through my portfolio, get to know more about my approach to documentary wedding photography, and of course get in touch about my pricing. 

Enjoy the photos below and please head over to my Instagram page to and give me a follow to keep up to date with my work. 

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