Wilton's Music Hall Wedding

Caitlin & Mark

Wilton's Music Hall Wedding Photographer

I am so excited to share this fabulous Wilton’s Music Hall Wedding. I cannot express how much I’ve always wanted to visit this dreamy wedding venue, I’ve seen all the photos online, and have been very jealous off previous wedding photographers, and today it’s my turn! haha. And to top everything off, it was a Scottish themed wedding! – so you know the crowd will be alive and ready for the ceilidh that evening. 

One of the great things about being a wedding photographer is experiencing all these amazing wedding venues, and Wilton’s is a place full of character and history. I will definitely be visiting again for the theatrical experience…..back to the wedding itself…..Spoiler alert, this wedding actually had 2 ceremonies! Crazy news I know, see if you can spot the brides sneaky outfit change. Email me if you do and I will throw in a sneaky 10% off your booking! I’m going to regret saying that haha! 

The reason being, the couple wanted a really intimate ceremony with just their family present, but they also wanted a big party the same evening, so why not do the legal stuff in the morning, and hold a humanist ceremony in the afternoon for all your friends and guests – What a brilliant idea! and it worked a charm. The morning ceremony was small and emotional, and it was really lovely to watch how close both families are to each other. The staff at Wilton’s Music Hall were just perfect, and allowed the day to run so smoothly and naturally. 

The afternoon ceremony was lead by Humanist celebrant Anna Bailey from The Happy Celebrant (do check her out, she’s brilliant). It was really nice hearing all about the couples history together, presented in a quirky, funny, and romantic way by Anna, despite her calling the bride Katy instead of Caitlin 3 times, which everyone found really funny, Anna absolutely nailed the ceremony. 

The rest of the day ran smoothly and I got into my step capturing my documentary inspired wedding photos. When the evening party kicked off, the bride and groom just never stopped, the dancefloor was soaked in sweat, and the air was booming with happiness. I really had a great time stepping and sliding between the guests, trying to not trip over the ceilidh dance isn’t easy and takes some practice! Overall I think I nailed it hehe (I think I’m allowed to say that)…

I’ve selected some of my favourite photos to show off below, and I do hope you enjoy them…

Ceilidh by The Ceilidh tree

Catering by The Gatherers