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I grew up in North London, went to school like everybody else, studied Architecture for 3 years, but I always wanted to be a photographer. At 15 I couldn’t convince the parents that photography was a proper job ( I still can’t) but I never put the camera down and just loved capturing everyday life. Fast forward the young adult phase and BAM! I am now a full time wedding photographer.

Get in touch and let’s chat about your wedding plans. I always encourage to meetup n person, so drop me a message to arrange a free consultation!

The best way for me to capture natural looking wedding photos on your day, is for you to be yourselves. I attract modern couples who understand that real honest connections, are more important than posed, forced photos. I capture the real moments, and let them unfold naturally throughout the day. 

Natural Wedding Photography

What is natural wedding photography?

My style can be described as natural wedding photography, but can be confusing when you hear all kinds of words being thrown around to describe the same style of wedding photography. 

My natural and discrete approach to a more authentic and honest style as a wedding photographer, is created using natural and available light, and is most commonly described as ‘documentary wedding photography‘ and ‘reportage wedding photography‘. 

All these terms being thrown around describe the same fundamental, candid style of wedding photography – one that doesn’t stage or dictate the day but simply observes and records genuine, un-staged moments. For example of this approach in pictures, look through my wedding portfolio. 

For me, an image absolutely has to have context and tell a story to the viewer. Rather than showing a series of snap shots, every image is carefully composed to describe a certain moment, feeling or story within the scene. Other than the odd, posed family group photos, I typically spend the rest of the day capturing real authentic moments of your family and friends. I closely observe the day by fitting in with your guests and capturing beautiful moments. 

A pure natural wedding photographer is someone who can remain unnoticed during the day, allow the photographer to get up and close to the moments, resulting in more intimate wedding photos. It’s important that I am always watching and anticipating moments, making sure I am always in the thick of the action, and ready to sprint across the field to capture that shot! A photographer should have no impact in the flow of the day itself.


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