Hackney Round Chapel Wedding

Beth & Michael

Round Chapel Hackney Wedding Venue

A stunning Wedding at the Hackney Round Chapel for you today! Man I love this wedding venue, it never disappoints and provides a spectacular backdrop for your Hackney Wedding theme.

 Beth and Michael married at the stunning Round Chapel wedding venue in Hackney, east London. It was my first time here as a Round Chapel Wedding Photographer and it is now one of my favourite alternative wedding venues in London. Beth & Michael’s guest’s were an absolute blast to be around and I had a great time capturing their wedding day. The day had a perfect balance of emotion and excitement, you could really feel the positive vibes in the air.

I started the coverage with Beth and her family at an incredible architect designed AirBnb house just minutes away from the Chapel in Hackney. Michael was also nearby getting ready with his family so it was great being able to quickly pop in and out and capture both stories.

Wedding venue: Round Chapel hackney


Round Chapel Hackney