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Reportage Wedding Photography

The phrase ‘reportage wedding photography’ has been floating around the wedding industry for a while now, and it’s a style of wedding photography that is growing in popularity. So I have written this page to clarify what it really means, and how it has tailored my approach to wedding photos over the years. 

I focus on photographing reportage weddings in London and the UK. Traditional wedding photographers tend to dictate and control the pace of the day by asking people to pose for photos, some like gimmicks, and others spend the morning hanging up the wedding dress, and capturing flower details. For many this can be frustrating to watch, and photos can lack in narrative. 

What is Reportage Wedding Photography

In basic terms, reportage wedding photography is all about capturing the story of the day, and is not about formal posed photos, or placing your shoes on the window sill.  It’s all about capturing the action, and the reaction of guests, friends and family members. I want my couple to look through their wedding photos and see special moments they missed during the day, or had no idea was even occurring. It’s all about the laughs, and the tears, and recording these memories with beautiful and emotional photographs. 


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It’s about about creating emotional and powerful images that evoke a feeling in the photo that will last for years to come. A reportage style lets you relax and enjoy your day, forgetting about the photographer and focusing what’s most important, celebrating your wedding day with your loved ones. I work hard to blend in with your guests and make them comfortable with my presence from the get go, this allows me to get up and close to the moment, and not miss those special touching moments.