Mayfair Library Wedding

Kelly & Max

Kelly & Max's Mayfair Library Wedding Ceremony

If you are thinking about Mayfair Library as your ideal wedding venue, look no further. Kelly & Max held their wedding day here because of its beautiful surroundings and generally laid back atmosphere. The perfect recipe for a great wedding day. 

It was my first visit to this wedding venue, and I am super excited to now be able to blog about being an official Mayfair Library Wedding Photographer. 

West London can provide a special dreamy backdrop for your wedding photos: especially in the winter. With only a few weeks left before the Christmas holidays, the wedding couple were spoilt with a beautiful evening of lights and all round good vibes. We made the most of the Mayfair venue, and captured some stunning photos of the couple in the nearby square and street scenes. 

Kelly and Max wanted a very relaxed day, and a go with the flow attitude. I don’t blame them, with all the COVID wedding restrictions still in place and some venues still not allowing wedding photographers to be part of the ceremony! It can be a very stressful time for couples looking to get married this year. However the Mayfair Library room proved to be in good spirits, and allowed both the family and me to witness the ceremony and capture great moments! 

But I will let the wedding photos do the talking now as I feel I am going blabbing on for too long, so, without further ado, here are a small selection  of my favourite Mayfair Library wedding photos from Kelly & Max’s Wedding day.


Mayfair Library Wedding | Kelly & Max Intimate Ceremony