London Fields Brewery Wedding

Jaime & Max

London Fields Arches Wedding

The superb Jaime and Max  held their wedding reception at The London Fields Brewery in Hackney. A little back story about the couple- Jaime and Max actually married last year and at the time decided to not have a wedding reception. After a year of their family and friends nagging them to have a party to celebrate their marriage….Here we are! 

The London Fields Brewery is a fantastic wedding venue to host your wedding reception. It offer a blank canvas; you can have your own caterers, drinks, decorations etc. The venue is perfect if you are looking for your perfect DIY wedding venue. I think it’s pretty obvious that I loved the venue!


These two really know how to have a good time; the couple wanted their day to be totally relaxed (which it was) and just spend the night with their guests dancing their socks off (which again they did). Just check out the dance-floor shots below, I think 90% of them contain laughter and some sort of part gesture. The best, most fun and joyous weddings are the ones where the couple have planed it totally their own way. Jaime and Max wanted a relaxed party, no specific them or timeline to stick to, and it worked so well! 

It was an absolute pleasure to spend the evening with the wedding part and capture some great moments for them. Here are some lovely comments I received after delivering the final set of photos. 

"OH MY DAYS! We have just had the time of our lives looking at the photos! We love them so much! Thank you Thank you! We absolutely love these!!! So amazing.
Jaime & Max

Band was the incredible SEGA and the boombox 

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