Haringey Register Office Wedding

Lizzie & Nick

George Meehan House & Haringey Registry Office Wedding

What a day at The Haringey Register Office. I have been at my many North London wedding venues, and one in particular that stands out to me is The Haringey Registry Office, also know to locals as the George Meehan House. Wood green locals Lizzie & David were looking for a wedding venue in Wood Green to tie the knot. They stumbled across this venue and knew it was the perfect place for their ceremony. 

I arrived at the couples flat for a few photos of them hanging out with their friends with coffee & croissants. The Bride and Groom were such great fun to be around, there was a very relaxed atmosphere in the air and I enjoyed hanging out with the couple and capture some special moments for them. I first sat down the couple for a coffee a month before the big day, and instantly we clicked. I loved their laid back approach and all they wanted was for me to do my thing! Perfect! 

My documentary style is perfect for couple who just want to get on with their and not worry about the photographer. This means the couple can just be themselves and spend all their time with their friends, and it means I can focus on capturing photos moments that best describe the story of the day, and more importantly best describe who couples personalities. 

The Wedding took place at the lovely George Meehan House, home of the Haringey Registry Office. It was a lovely ceremony and after a few glasses of prosecco in the gardens the couple took off the Glastonbury Festival! What a way to celebrate their marriage, I must admit I was very jealous!

The Haringey Register Office was a great visit. It was my first time and I would love to be back soon. In fact I will be back in Spring 2020 for the wedding of Chia & Nathan. Stay tuned for more photos from the stunning wedding venue.

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