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Hackney Registry Office Wedding

Jane & John

Jane and John sealed the deal over the weekend and don’t they look happy about it? The Hackney Registry Office was their wedding venue of choice, and it was a perfect day. Hackney is no short of great wedding venue choices, and the registry office is one of my absolute favourites to visit. 

The bride arrived to the Hackney Town Hall in the morning looking a little puzzled, and I soon realised she woke up this morning having lost her voice! It didn’t stop the couple, or put a downer on the day. Jane and John were just incredible, and had such a positive attitude, and it really comes across in the photos. Poor Jane powered through the voice and the speeches, and she never stopped laughing and smiling throughout. I have to admit they made my day photographing very easy, and I am pleased to share some of the wedding samples I had sent them the day after the wedding.

Hope you enjoy! 

Wedding venue: Hackney Registry Office 

Wedding reception at The Lardo

Hackney Wedding | Jane & John