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Hi, I’m Emis, an experienced wedding photographer in Essex. I offer wedding photography packages to couples throughout the UK, and over the years have been lucky enough to meet some amazing couples from all sorts of background and cultures – from traditional ceremonies to quirky themed weddings.

I don’t get to photograph enough wedding in Essex, which is a shame because it offers a wide range of amazing wedding venues, and I’m proud to have been part of some incredible wedding days, met some lovely couples, and experienced a variety of wedding venues and styles.

I am based in London and find myself booking many wedding venues in Essex, Epping, Houchins, and surrounding areas. I have also seen many London couples choosing to get away from the city and host their wedding day in the lovely countryside. I find that even though I end up photographing couples who were born and raised in Essex, they will often opt for a London wedding, or another surround home county. 

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Emis was professional and fun. His photos captured everything we wanted to see; the speeches, emotions, the dancing, and moments between friends throughout the night. I cannot recommend him more. Don’t hesitate to book him. Everyone loved the photos so much. So impressed! “

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 It’s one of my favourite counties, having spent a lot of time there for weddings, and weekend getaways. 

I find myself lucky to be able to call myself an Essex Wedding Photographer, it’s such a beautiful county with a bit of everything – rolling hills, amazing forests, quiet villages, country mansions and buzzing towns. From beautiful venues like Houchins, to bigger town like Epping and Chelmsford, with such a wide spread array of wedding venues in Essex, there is truly something for every style of wedding day.

Why hire a documentary Essex wedding photographer?

I cover weddings all across Essex and throughout the south east of England, and regularly find myself at one of the stunning wedding venues in Essex. 

My style is all about documenting your wedding day as it happens, in a laid back and stress-free style. 

While you get on with your incredible day, I will be blending in with everyone, resulting in more natural and intimate wedding photos. If you are looking for a Essex wedding photographer, I would love to hear more about your plans. 

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Are you searching for a photographer who can fit in with your day, and capture it as it happens? Then I would love to hear from you! I document weddings as it happens and blend in with your family and guest, and as a result your photos will look more natural and intimate. 

With me, it’s not about standing in line for hours waiting for your group photo, or saying cheese and pulling fake smiles. Yes I do group photos! But these sessions are kept short, they are relaxed, and fun. I am more than happy to travel anywhere in the country, from beautiful weddings in Essex, to stunning houses in Surrey – wherever you choose to get married, I’ll be there! 

Everything I do comes back to my core belief – it’s your day, not my photo shoot. 

I follow the day as it unfolds, not staging moments or asking anybody to move out of the way or ask them to pose for the camera. I let things naturally unfold, and with my eagle eyes capture beautiful moments between the bride and groom, families and guests. I leave you to enjoy your wedding day – I’m always on hand to suggest great locations for photos too! So just grab me at any point for a quick photo with your colleague, auntie, best mate etc…

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