Epping Forest Wedding Venue

Chris & Liz

Wedding venue in Epping Forest | Chris + Liz

Beautiful landscape, stunning traditional church, this Epping forest wedding venue is perfect for couples who are search for a lovely outdoor/countryside feel to their wedding day.

Despite the restrictions and hard times we all face due to this COVID 19 Pandemic. Weddings must still go on, and we must all put a smile on our faces and find a way to get through this together. I was so happy when Chris and Liz decided to still go ahead with their ceremony at the beautiful All Saints Church in Epping. 

These days I’m just glad to be photographing 1 wedding….and what a special wedding it was for these two lovebirds. Despite the restrictions at the time limiting guests numbers to just 15, I was giving the all clear to be allowed to enter the church during the ceremony and capture some lovely for my couple. I did my best to photograph around the edges of the venue whilst keeping my distance and respecting the rules. Amazingly I didn’t feel these restrictions have hindered my chances of capturing my usual style of photography, If anything it made think more creatively about composition and making the most of view and limited angles. The only downside was my mask fogging up my viewfinder every time I exhaled 😀 FUN TIMES!

I spent a short 3 hours with the couple and their lovely family. It’s amazing how much you can squeeze in such a short coverage! We even had plenty time to wander and meet the local sheep haha! Of course I insisted we get a shot!

Anyway going off topic, I hope you enjoy the small selection of photos from this special wedding day, and I look forward to hearing from you soon about your wedding plans! Maybe you are planning your own Epping Forest Wedding day, or perhaps you already have a venue booked and wish to check my availability. Either was I can’t wait to have a chat…


All Saints Church wedding venue in Epping Forest

Initimate COVID-19 Wedding in Epping Forest | Liz & Chris