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What is Documentary Wedding Photography and why do I photograph weddings in this style?

Let’s face it, there are so many wedding photography websites to go through, hundred of magazines and so many styles of wedding photography. If you have landed on this page then I am assuming you are interested to find a documentary wedding photographer for your big day. You may have heard the term documentary or reportage floating around, but what does it mean? What is a documentary wedding photographer? Don’t worry I will walk you though my approach to documenting a wedding day in this type of style.

Documentary, Reportage, candid…all fancy terms used to describe same thing. As a documentary wedding photographer observe and wait for moments to happen, and click, capture it naturally without the need to stage moments or ask people to move or stand a certain way. There is no staging. no asking to pretend to put your makeup on, or pretend to look emotional as you look into your partner’s eyes….if it didn’t happen, then it’s not real, and it slowly becomes a day about the photographer and not about your story.

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Wedding Photography Documentary

A Documentary wedding photographer will be able to document the whole story of your day, though candid, un-posed images. This allows you (the couple) to spend all your time with your family and guests, without the unnecessary hours spent posing or directing from the photographer. Besides, it’s your wedding day and not the photographers, so enjoy it, knowing that all the key moments are being captured in the background.

Documentary style wedding photography will record genuine moments throughout the wedding day. If your idea of ‘wedding hell’ is a bossy photographer and huge amounts of staged, boring group photos, then documentary might be the thing for you. My style will ensure your photos tell an honest, unscripted story of your wedding day, not a series of poses or formal group photos.

I believe wedding photos should be photographed within context, conveying the true story, feeling, and atmosphere in pictures. I want your wedding photos to bring back the feelings, emotions, the smiles, and the energy you’ll have experienced on your wedding day. The last thing I want is to bring back moments the photographer made us rugby tackle each other, or stand under a lamppost.

Documentary style

A candid approach will ensure a genuine narrative of your wedding day. I enjoy the challenges of capturing real expressions, and photos that give you a real sense of the moment in the scene. It can be as a split second glance between the bride and groom during the ceremony, or a brief smile that can transform an image from average to spectacular. Sometimes emotions can be so RAW, like the set of images below of moments between daughter and parents.

If I haven’t persuaded you to book a documentary wedding photographer then maybe a more traditional photographer will suit you. That’s completely fine, there are plenty of styles out there to choose from, and a perfect photographer for everyone. However if I have your attention then you may want to read on to find out more about my approach…

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Does the idea of having a wedding photographer make you nervous? And the idea of having someone taking pictures of you during morning preps make you feel uncomfortable? I would feel the same way if I was in your shoes, which is probably why I enjoy photographing weddings in this way. I’m glad to say a documentary approach is perfect for those who don’t want to be center of attention all day, but still would like all the key moments photographed.

The difference is I won’t ask you to stage a scene or ask you to move during morning prep. Instead all the key moments, and all the emotional first looks and glances are captured without you noticing. Creating real authentic wedding photos. I don’t intervene with the flow of the day, and I don’t direct (only if necessary), or ask you to repeat anything. Instead I like to be up close with the camera at the right moments, keeping my eyes open for any split second opportunities, or unexpected show of affection.

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I won’t take you away from your guests for hours ( 10 min is plenty) and make you stand under a sexy lamppost. I will be there to photograph you having a great time with your friends and family. After all your best memories should be spent with the people closest to you and not the wedding photographer. For this reason I like to limit the amount of time I spend with you for couple photos to just 10-15 minutes. Depending on the schedule of the day, and the weather, this could be after the ceremony, or closer to dusk.

This is a popular question I receive, and the answer is simply yes, If you fancy it of course. I love any opportunity to take creative photos of the couple. As I mentioned before these sessions are kept short and the main focus is capture relaxed looking photos of you both without having to pose or ask you to place your hand on his chest. Instead I like to use the context to see if we can create something special, or simply go on a stroll and have a chat about the day so far.

I am completely committed to capturing the story of each and every wedding I photograph. Every wedding is unique and are treated as such, with every couple bringing their own feel and vibe to the day. I never take over the day or boss people around, no set pose, no repetition, your wedding day is allowed to flow naturally as it should.

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