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What you should know about my style, and how I differ from other photographers.

Documentary Wedding Photography in simple terms is an accurate representation of people, places, objects and events, and is often described as reportage photography.

A Documentary wedding photographer will be able to document the whole story of your day, though candid, un-posed images. This allows you (the couple) to spend all your time with your family and guests, without the unnecessary hours spent posing or direction from the photographer. Besides, it’s YOUR WEDDING DAY, and not the photographers, so enjoy it, let your hair down, knowing that all the key moments are being captured in the background.

My photography style will record genuine moments throughout the wedding day. If your idea of ‘wedding hell’ is a bossy photographer and huge amounts of staged, boring group photos, then documentary might be the thing for you!

My style will ensure your photos tell an honest, unscripted story of your wedding day, not a series of poses, snapshots, and formal group photos.


It's about capturing moments creatively through composition and skillful timing, without the need to orchestrate the scene.


I believe wedding photos should be photographed within context, conveying the true story, feeling, and atmosphere in pictures. I want your wedding photos to bring back the feelings, emotions, the smiles, and the energy you’ll have experienced on your wedding day. and not moments the photographer made us rugby tackle each other, or go on endless walks.

Let’s face it, there are so many wedding photography websites to go through, hundred of magazines and so many styles of wedding photography to choose from.

If you have landed on this page then I am assuming you are interested to find a photographer who can capture your day in a relaxed approach, and deliver natural looking photos of yourselves and your guests.

I focus on creative, un-posed wedding photography in London and across the UK.  I want my couples to relax and enjoy their wedding day knowing all the key moments are being captured in the background. I love nothing more than capturing real moments, real emotions without the need for posing you, or setting up shots, rather documenting the joy of your wedding as it happens. 

I’ve shot over 200 weddings, and I’m used to my couples being camera shy- I am too so I can relate- my style is perfect for those who want to forget there is even a photographer at the wedding, letting you relax and enjoy your wedding day. There are no clichés, no setting up scenes, or re-creating moments, just unique images that represent who you are as a couple. 

My perfect clients

I would love to work with couples who believe weddings should be all about people, and that wedding photography shouldn’t be about staging moments, and having a photographer dictate your day. The best way for me to capture natural looking wedding photos, is for you to be yourselves. I want you to be able to recognise yourselves in your own wedding photos, and not remember the time I made the groomsmen rugby tackle you….don’t worry I won’t ask anyone to do that! 

Instead I want my couples to be moved by their wedding photos and feel like I understood who you were as a couple, and how you felt on your wedding day.

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